UNICEF Internship Programme



The UNICEF Internship Programme offers students and recent graduates from diverse academic backgrounds the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with UNICEF through global internship opportunities.

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Interns at UNICEF get experiential learning opportunities in the humanitarian sector and a meaningful internship experience that will support their academic, professional and personal development.

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What we offer

Our Internship Programme offers students and recent graduates the opportunity to gain direct practical work experience.

• Duration: The duration of an internship is normally between six and twenty-six weeks. Internships can be on a full-time or a part-time basis.

• Expenses we cover: UNICEF provides a monthly stipend to interns. A one-time lump sum, as a contribution towards travel and visa costs, may also be granted when funding is available.

• Visa: If necessary, UNICEF will provide relevant supporting documents for our visa applications.

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Internships at UNICEF are available in the following areas and specialties:

  • Education
  • Statistics and monitoring
  • Nutrition
  • Program management
  • Legal
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Knowledge management
  • Health
  • Innovation
  • Child protection programs
  • Development of social and economic policies
  • Supply chain management
  • Logistics
  • Finance and management
  • Human resources
  • Operation and business management
  • Planning

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Your profile could be a good fit if it meets the following requirements:

• At least 18 years old.

• Enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate or PhD programmeor have graduated within the past two years.

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• Proficient in at least one of UNICEF’s working languages: English, French or Spanish. Fluency in the working language of the office you are applying to, may also be required.

• Have no immediate relatives (e.g., mother, father, sister, brother) working with UNICEF, or any other relatives in your reporting line of authority.

• Have strong academic performance and motivation

• Additional consideration will be given to any professional experience relevant to the function you’re applying for.

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How to apply

Internship opportunities are offered throughout the year. You can find current opportunities on our vacancies page.

Once you identify a vacancy of interest please click on the button “Apply Now” and then proceed with instructions for the application process. 

• Carefully review the requirements for each internship opportunity and customize your profile to highlight your suitability for the role.

• Build a compelling profile and get your dream job with these application and assessment tips.

• Due to the high number of applications only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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Frequently asked questions for Internships

If I am selected, what kind of work will I be doing?

This will depend on the needs of the office to which you are assigned, your qualifications and interests. If you have specific interests or requirements for your degree, you should include this information on your cover letter. Most interns work on one or several projects that include research, database management, communications and many other areas. Please refer to the internship vacancy for more information about the specific tasks of the internship position.

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How long is the programme?

For the internship to be worthwhile and effective, the duration is usually between 6 and 26 weeks.

Can I get financial support from UNICEF?

All our interns are entitled to a stipend as a contribution towards living expenses, paid by UNICEF or a partner institution. A one-time lump sum, as a contribution towards travel and visa costs, may also be granted when funding is available.


Do I need to be at the office full-time?

While most of our internships are full-time, some are not. How long and how often you work in the office depends on the agreement you make with your supervisor and the project and office you are assigned to. Some internships can be carried out on a part-time basis, or even remotely.

When should I apply?

Internship vacancies are advertised throughout the year on our vacancies page. Refer to the details of the specific vacancy for important dates such as the deadline for application and the duration of the internship.

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Should I contact UNICEF to arrange an interview?

No, if UNICEF wants to interview you, either in person or by phone, we will contact you, based on the contact details you provide on your application.

Will I be hired by UNICEF after my internship?

There should be no expectation of employment at the end of an internship. However, interns may be eligible to apply for certain positions within UNICEF, subject to internal policies, including those governing breaks in service. A UNICEF internship is a valuable and well-regarded asset in any resume/CV and can serve as the foundation for one’s career.

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How to partner with UNICEF’s internship program? 

We partner with leading academic institutions and other organizations to continuously improve the quality and diversity of our interns. If you are interested in partnering with UNICEF, contact us at [email protected]