MCW Young Leaders Access Program 2020 USA – Fully Funded


MCW 2020 – New York City – Fully

About MCW Organization

MCW Global is a non-profit organization with a vision for communities around the world to achieve greater levels of education, improved health, and increased economic security. Our mission is to address communities’ pressing needs by empowering current leaders and readying leaders of tomorrow. Founded in 1999, MCW Global is based in New York with partner organizations in Africa (Rwanda, Tanzania and Zambia). We offer a and an Africa Program, which focuses on Oral Health Care and Community Development. Our core values include integrity, compassion, accountability, responsibility, and excellence.

About the Program

MCW Global’s year-long flagship program is for participants who are prepared to become leaders of positive change in their communities by obtaining tools and skills needed to transform passion into action.

The program is based on 3 phases:

The program begins with an intensive, 10-day summer program that facilitates leadership development, self-awareness, a deep  understanding of global citizenship, and how to implement a project from beginning to end. The program is held in late July in New York City, New York and Burlington, Vermont. In addition to working alongside MCW Global team members, alumni mentors, and volunteers, participants will also hear from a range of experts from academia, civil society, development, and the public and private sectors about their own community-action projects.
(10 days)

Vision Planning: Project  Development

Participants come to the Program with an idea of a community issue they want to address through the process of vision planning, which aims to transform passion into a tangible plan for change. During this process, participants will be able to put their local issues into a larger global context while exploring why they are in a unique position to make change happen. Participants will also determine which tools they need to apply to the plan, in order to make it actionable. After the program, Young Leaders are expected to further develop and/or implement their plan in collaboration with their alumni mentors.
(12 months)

Alumni Mentorship and Ongoing Support

To further develop and implement their vision plans, Young Leaders are paired with alumni mentors, who guide them at the summer program toward creating an actionable plan. During the year, alumni mentors support participants by facilitating quarterly “hangouts” and ongoing remote communication. Alumni mentors undergo customized training prior to the start of the program in order to support team building and cultural competency.
(12 months)

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Step 1: Application

Fill out the application, which is available until Sunday, January 5. The application includes sharing your resume, filling out some basic information, and a few short essay questions.

Step 2: Needs Assessment 

Shortlisted candidates will be asked to submit a brief needs assessment, which will describe their community issue and potential solutions in greater detail.

Step 3: Interview

If selected, candidates will be contacted for a virtual interview with alumni who have gone through the program.

Step 4: Decision

Applicants who are selected to participate in the program will be notified by email of their status on April 1, 2020.


To be eligible for the program, Young Leaders should:

  • Demonstrate commitment to their community
  • Identify an issue in their community to address
  • Be between the ages of 18-26
  • Be fluent in written and spoken English
  • Commit to attending the 10-day program and spending the following year aiming to execute their community project
  • Be eligible for appropriate visa and travel documentation
  • Have access to email and Internet to allow for consistent communication with the MCW Global Team and Young Leaders Program alumni-mentor for the duration of the year-long program
  • Adhere to Young Leaders Access Program graduation guidelines (to be provided upon acceptance to the program)
  • Submit a completed application on or before January 5, 2020


  • November 15, 2019: Young Leaders Access Program application opens
  • January 5, 2020: Young Leaders Access Program application closes
  • February 3, 2020: First round decisions sent out; short list candidates notified; second round application opens
  • February 21, 2020: Second round application closes
  • March 2-28, 2020: Interviews with Alumni
  • April 1, 2020: Acceptances sent out
  • May 3, 2020: Confirmation of acceptance with visa interview date and deposit
  • July 21, 2020 – July 30, 2020: Young Leaders Access Summer Program
  • July 30, 2020 – July 22, 2021: Young Leaders Access Program duration

How to Apply:

The application must be filled out in English. All letters of recommendation and your resume need to be prepared in English. Any parts of the application that are not in English will not be read and the application will be considered incomplete.

The application includes:

1. General information

2. Essay questions

  • Identify an issue in your community that concerns you. How would you address this issue?
  • Describe one time you have faced a challenge and used a leadership skill to come up with a solution.
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3. Resume

  • Your resume should not be more than 1 page. We suggest that it be prepared in Times New Roman, 12 font, with 1-inch margins.

4. Two letters of Recommendation

  • Your letters should come from people who know your work ethic and commitment to your community. Friends and family members are discouraged from writing the letters of recommendation.
  • Recommenders should state their name, position, and relationship to the applicant at the top of the letter.
  • The letter should be on official letterhead, signed and dated.

5. Liability Waiver

  • At the end of the application, please review the terms and conditions.

Program Costs

  • In an effort to make the program accessible to all participants, MCW Global will cover program and flight costs.
  • MCW Global will also cover costs during the summer program (July 21- July 30, 2020), including housing, food, travel to and from the summer program venues, and any necessary supplies.
  • MCW Global requires all participants to pay for their ground transportation from the airport and back, as well as passport or visa fees. (Not applicable for U.S. based participants.)

Learn more about Program Costs


  • Accommodations will be provided by New York in New York City, and Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont.


  • MCW Global requires all participants to pay a $100 USD deposit fee no later than May 3, 2020.
  • The deposit will be refunded on July 30, 2020 once the summer program is completed (based on the assumption that the participant adheres to all the rules and guidelines of the summer program.)
  • Deposits will not be refunded to individuals who decide not to participate after June 28, 2020.
  • Payment of the deposit can be made via Stripe or PayPal. If payment is not made by May 3, 2020, your space in the summer program will be forfeited.

Costs covered include:

  • International flights for international participants
  • Domestic flights for United States participants
  • Housing from the evening of July 21 to July 30, 2020
  • 3 meals per day from July 21 to July 30, 2020.
  • Round trip travel from New York City, New York to  Burlington, Vermont with MCW group.
  • Public transportation to/from JFK, LaGuardia Airport, and/or Newark Airport
  • Basic travel health insurance for international participants with coverage from July 21 to July 30, 2020.

Costs not covered include:

  • Passport fees
  • Visa fees
  • In country costs (e.g. ground travel to the airport, extra baggage fees, etc.)
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  • In an effort to make the program accessible to all individuals, MCW Global will cover flight costs related to the attendance of the Summer Program for every accepted participant.
  • Flights will only be booked to arrive one day in advance of the program (July 20, 2020) and to depart one day after the program (July 31, 2020).
  • If you wish to travel in the USA for longer than this time, you must book the flight on your own and MCW Global will reimburse you for the cost of the flight according to what we would have booked. No exceptions will be made.
  • If a participant delays applying for their visa after being accepted into the program and, as a result, will receive the visa less than a month before the program begins, travel will no longer be provided.
  • If MCW Global is booking any travel on behalf of a participant, all travel will be according to the most cost-efficient route.

Additional housing (July 21 and July 30, 2020)

  • MCW Global will provide a room the night before and the night after the Summer Program for those whose flight schedules require them to arrive the day before or depart after the program.
  • It is the responsibility of the participant to notify MCW Global no later than by June 7, 2020 if they require housing. Requests for a room later than this period of time will not be considered.
  • Please note that for those arriving or departing more than 24 hours before the start or the end of the Summer Program, a room will not be provided. These participants are expected to find their own accommodations. MCW Global (including staff, volunteers, board members, friends of MCW) are not responsible for providing accommodations for participants prior to or beyond the summer program.
  • If you request the room and then choose not to stay, please note that the NYU cancellation fee of $55 will be deducted from your deposit.
  • Room reservations are non-transferable to other participants or individuals as per NYU Housing Policy.

 Apply until January 5, 2020

Apply | Official Link

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