Bilkent University Scholarship in Turkey For International Students 2021 Fully Funded


Bilkent University Scholarship in Turkey For International Students 2021 Fully Funded (MSc PhD)

About Bilkent

Bilkent University – the first private, nonprofit university in Turkey – was founded on October 20, 1984, by Professor İhsan Doğramacı, M.D., with the fundamental aim of creating a center of excellence in higher education and research. The name “Bilkent” exemplifies this aim, since it is an acronym of “bilim kenti”: Turkish for “city of learning and science.” The University campus is located off the main highway to Eskişehir about 12 km. (10 miles) west of the center of Ankara, and covers an area of more than 300 hectares

Bilkent University offering MSc PhD degree, with many global opportunities

Bilkent UNAM Scholarship Opportunities offers a wide range of financial aid options and prestigious Fellowships & Scholarships Opportunities:

  • UNAM Bilkent University President Graduate Fellowship
  • UNAM Scholarship for Young Women
  • Bilkent UNAM Graduate Scholarship
  • Scholarship from externally funded projects

Bilkent University Scholarship Duration

MS Scholarships: 3 Years
PhD Scholarship: 4 Years

Available Fields in Bilkent University

  • Architecture (M.S.)
  • Computer Engineering (M.S. and Ph.D)
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering (M.S. and Ph.D)
  • Industrial Engineering (M.S. and Ph.D)
  • Mechanical Engineering (M.S. and Ph.D)
  • Materials Science & Nanotechnology (M.S. and Ph.D)
  • Molecular Biology and Genetics (M.S. and Ph.D)
  • Neuroscience (M.S. and Ph.D)Physics (M.S. and Ph.D)
  • Chemistry (M.S. and Ph.D)
  • Mathematics (M.S. and Ph.D)
  • Telecommunications and Networking ( Non-thesis M.S.)

Financial Coverage

Bilkent University offering a Fully Funded International Student Scholarship in Turkey For International Students. This International Scholarship will cover all the Expenses:

Ph.D. Students

  • Tuition Waiver (45.000 TL/year)
  • Monthly Stipend and Housing support ( total of 4.500 TL / month)
  • Private Health Insurance
  • A Laptop Computer
  • Meal Card
  • Travel Support (once a year, at yearly determined fixed amount) to attend scientific events


  • Tuition waiver (34.900 TL/year)
  • Monthly stipend and housing support (total of 3.000 TL / month)
  • Private health insurance
  • A laptop computer
  • Travel support (once a year, at yearly determined fixed amount) to attend scientific events.

Application Deadlines:
The deadlines for Fall 2020-2021: 31 May 2020

CGPA Requirements

BSc graduates or students need at least 2.80/4.00 CGPA at the time of application.

Standardized Test Requirements

ALES (GRE General Test) score is required: 153 (quantitative). However, if you are off by a small margin and you have a strong background, we encourage you to apply.

English Proficiency

  • TOEFL IBT(at least 87), IELTS (at least 6.5 average and 5.5 from each section) or Bilkent COPE (at least C).
  • In addition, foreign language requirements as imposed by Inter-universities Board (ÜAK) of Turkey (minimum of 55 from YDS or its equivalents as listed by the Board, in a language other than the mother tongue) must be satisfied by Turkish citizen PhD applicants.
  • You may also be eligible if you provide a COPE score of at least “C”, instead.

M.S: 55 (quantitative)
Ph.D: 55 (quantitative, for those who hold an M.S. degree with thesis.)
Ph.D: 80 (quantitative, for those who do not hold an M.S. degree with thesis)

GRE General Test

Turkish citizens who are residents of foreign countries and those applicants who are not Turkish citizens may provide GRE scores instead of ALES.

M.S: Minimum* quantitative: 153
Ph.D: Minimum* quantitative: 157
* Applications from those candidates who miss these minimum scores by a small margin, but have other academic credentials that indicate a strong background necessary to complete the applied degree, will also be considered.

Document Requirements:

  • Proof of Degree: Yes (if already obtained)
  • Transcripts: Yes
  • Statement of Purpose: Yes
  • Letter of Recommendation: 2

Date of Interview if invited by the Department/ Program

Interviews will be conducted Regular: 22-24 June 2020

Eligibility to the programs will be assessed and in case of qualification, applicant is called for an interview.

Applicants are required to have a B.S. degree in various fields of science (physics, mathematics, chemistry, molecular biology and genetics, etc), engineering (electrical and electronics, mechanical, chemical, materials science, metallurgy, food, etc.) or medicine. Evaluation of applicants is based on their ALES (GRE for non-Turkey applicants) scores, past academic record, reference letters and the interview at Bilkent University. Decent knowledge of English is required.

In addition to at least 21 credit units of course work, the M.S. degree candidate must prepare and successfully defend a thesis. The duration of M.S. study is max. 6 semesters.

UNAM is located in the Bilkent Main Campus. Students may attend campus activities, such as BSO (Bilkent Symphony Orchestra) concerts, Bilkent theatre, Sports Centre events, seminars and workshops. Hourly campus bus services allow students to reach city centre free of charge. Bilkent Library is rich in books and open for all days in a year (except national holidays), and the resident health centre is open 24/7 for medical emergencies. A supermarket and several diners are located at the enterance of the university (Ankuva). Restaurants (Â la carte, table d’hôte) and cafes are serving everyday.

As the capital city of Turkey, Ankara provides easy access to public offices. Cultural and historical seeings are rich in quality and number. For more information, please refer to Daily Life in Turkey (external link).

Degree Requirements and FAQs

Dormitories are furnished with single beds or bunk beds, desks, desk chairs, bookcases or shelves, wardrobes, wastebaskets and mini refrigerators. All rooms have unlimited high speed internet access at no charge. All dorms have common areas, such as self-cook kitchens/kitchenettes, TV/social lounges, study lounges, self-service laundry and ironing rooms, and game and visitors’ areas or rooms. Central heating and 24-hour continuous hot water are standard, and each floor is further equipped with common bathrooms and restrooms.

Details of the Financial Aid and Scholarship Opportunities for PhD students can be found in the following webpage. Cost of living in Ankara is not so high. Here is a useful website showing some metrics about living expenses in Ankara. Overall this stipendium provides an above average lifestyle for single students.

Eligibility to the programs will be assessed and in case of qualification, applicant is called for an interview.

Apply now for Fall 2020 – 2021