National Science Scholarships (BS) in Singapore, 2019


Explore your interest in the biomedical sciences, physical sciences or engineering as an undergraduate at some of the world’s finest universities with the National Science Scholarship (BS).

As the only through-train scholarship in Singapore, the NSS provides for your undergraduate studies and PhD training. Through this scholarship, we seek to groom young talents for a career in science and provide them with opportunities to work in some of the world’s renowned research institutes and learn from the best scientific minds.

Details on National Science Grants (BS) in Singapore, 2019
National Science Grant (BS) in Singapore, 2019 Bachelor’s degree, PhD in the courses offered by the University. You can apply for this scholarship here. The deadline for submitting your application is 31 March 2019. This scholarship is provided by A * STAR and the value of this grant is full funding and education + living allowance. This grant is open to: Open to Singapore students.

Eligibility for National Science Grants (BS) in Singapore, 2019:

Applicants must be Singaporeans or other nationals who intend to acquire Singapore nationality.
Academic results are taken into account, and excellent results for GCE “A” level must be obtained with at least 11 academic units, IB, NUS High School, Polytechnic diploma or equivalent.
Before the start of university studies, male candidates must serve the national service.
Candidates can take SAT tests to expand their choices from institutions, however, they are not mandatory.
Students who have experience and achievements in projects related to science or mathematics are preferred.
Application Procedure:

Applicants must apply for the grant on or before the deadline.
After placing a short list in the submission stage, the applicant needs to clear at least two rounds of the interview
After selecting the applicant interview rounds with two other health tests are awarded a scholarship.

Required Documents:

Proof of documents representing the candidate is a Singaporean citizen.
Texts with your academic grades.
SAT scores (if any).
Value of National Scholarships (BS) in Singapore, 2019:

National scholarship recipients:
Living allowances.
National Science Scholarship Deadline (BS) in Singapore, 2019:

The deadline for applying for the National Science Grant (BS) in Singapore is 31 March 2019.

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