Open Call Cultural & Artistic Responses to Environmental Change – Prince Claus & Goethe-Institut – Fully Fund


Open Call Cultural & Artistic Responses to Environmental Change – Prince Claus & Goethe-Institut – Fully Fund

About the Prince Claus Fund: 

The Prince Claus Fund has a track record of 20+ years of excellence in supporting cultural and artistic initiatives in the most challenging spaces. We have been a successful actor and liaison in the arts and culture sectors globally, generating possibilities for critical discussion and boosting creative expression. Because of our track record and autonomy, the Fund is seen as a global leader in supporting independent cultural initiatives of the highest quality with a broad social impact. Additionally, our geographical spread has allowed us to accrue an invaluable, extensive network of local contacts – artists, cultural practitioners, institutions and experts. 

About the Goethe-Institut: 

The Goethe-Institut is the cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany with a global reach. With our network of 159 institutes around the world we promote knowledge of the German language abroad and foster international cultural cooperation. We convey a comprehensive image of Germany by providing information about cultural, social and political life in our nation. Our cultural and educational programmes encourage intercultural dialogue and enable cultural involvement. They strengthen the development of structures in civil society and foster worldwide mobility. 

Image: (c) Misha Vallejo. Jose Miguel Santi leads a night hunt along the Rotuno River before the Pachamama celebration. This river is believed to be sacred and hunting is only permitted before important celebrations. It is known for being relatively shallow and during the dry season, nocturnal animals use it as a source of water, making it a good location for night hunting. From the project Secret Sarayaku by Misha Vallejo


The Prince Claus Fund and the Goethe-Institut are issuing a new Call for Proposals to support cultural and artistic initiatives tackling pressing environmental issues around the world. The Call for Proposals: Cultural and Artistic Responses to Environmental Change is the third of this cycle and builds on the 2018 & 2019 editions, through which 35 exceptional projects were supported. This 2020 edition will be the last in this format, though the Prince Claus Fund and the Goethe-Institut remain committed to supporting people who are finding creative ways to address environmental issues and the climate crisis. 

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Alarming changes in nature and our environment are all around us: forests and wildlife are disappearing; air and oceans are increasingly polluted; sea levels are rising; and the frequency of extreme weather phenomena is increasing; additionally, the outbreak of a world-wide pandemic is a wake-up call. While causes and consequences of environmental change are being debated by politicians, scientists and the broader public, the most affected people are often those with least power to stop the process. 

Cultural practitioners, artists, architects and designers in many parts of the world are initiating projects, exchanging ideas and rethinking responses to environmental change, while actively engaging their communities. Now, more than ever, we need the arts and culture to help us respond; to inspire and motivate us by offering new ideas that challenge our perceptions and change our habits by introducing radical and trans-disciplinary perspectives and envisioning models of climate justice in the world. 

This call for proposals is aimed at Africa, Latin America, Asia, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe (please refer to the list of eligible countries below). We encourage innovative multi-disciplinary cultural initiatives by individual artists, creative professionals as well as cultural organisations; especially initiatives that express how the arts and new media can propose solutions to environmental issues and create alternatives that support sustainability and climate justice, foster cooperation and an exchange of new ideas globally. In this challenging period, we also encourage people to come up with new formats and modes of engaging with both local and global audiences.  

We are specifically looking to support initiatives that: 

  • Employ new media to re-imagine a more sustainable world, and provide space for different perspectives within the sustainability discussion
  • Promote the inclusion of women, indigenous communities and other marginalised groups
  • Support innovative & contemporary artistic and cultural interventions that enable local impact while encouraging a global exchange on culture of sustainability and climate justice as well as challenges to democracy the climate crisis poses
  • Encourage out of the box initiatives by artists and cultural practitioners looking to re-imagine conventional approaches to environmental sustainability and climate justice
  • Support the development of artistic initiatives that reinforce and rethink traditional knowledge and methods as a means to promote sustainability and climate justice
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With this call for proposals we invite artists and cultural practitioners to envision a better future for our planet.

Grant Guidelines:

  1. Eligible Candidates
    · Support is only given to individual persons or organisations living, registered and working in
    countries on the DAC List of ODA Recipients
    · Individuals applying for the call must be citizens of one of the countries. Please refer to the
    list of eligible countries on the Open Call webpage.
    · In the case of a collaborative project with individuals or organisations from outside the
    eligible countries, the above criteria apply to the main applicant.
  2. Eligible Expenses
    · This call only covers project-related expenses, and not running (operating) costs for
  3. Place and Duration
    · No support will be provided retroactively, i.e. to projects in implementation or projects
    already implemented.
    · Projects must start implementation from March 2021, and be implemented by April 2022 at
    the latest.
  4. Eligible Applications
    · Previous grantees of the Prince Claus Fund may not apply for a new grant unless the
    previous project that received funding is finished and closed before the application
    submission deadline for this call.
    · Grantees from the 2018 & 2019 cycles of the Open Call: Cultural & Artistic Responses to
    Environmental Change are not eligible to apply to this call.
    · Projects with the involvement of the Goethe-Institut are eligible to apply.
  5. How to Apply
    · Download the application form from the Prince Claus Fund website. Along with the
    completed application form, applicants may share weblinks to samples of their work by
    copying them directly into the application form. Photos and documents can also be attached
    to the application form.
    · All applicants will receive email confirmation once the application form has been sent in to
    the email address [email protected]
  6. Successful Applicants
    · The names of successful applicants will be published on the Goethe-Institut and Prince Claus
    Fund’s websites once a final decision of supported projects is made. The selection of
    supported projects will be made public by December 2020 at the latest.
  7. Grant Contracts
    · The Prince Claus Fund will draft a contract to be signed by the successful grantees. The
    contract will include contract start and end dates, grant amount, financial requirements,
    payment schedule, general provisions, implementation and amendments, required reports,
    and project results.
  8. Payment Schedule
    · Grantees receive 25% of the grant as a first payment. Once a first progress report has been
    received, a second instalment of 50% of the grant will be made. Once the project is complete
    and the grantee has submitted the deliverables, narrative and financial reports, the remaining
    25% of the total grant will be transferred.
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The Prince Claus Fund and the Goethe-Institut will support initiatives within the financial range of €15,000 – €20,000.

The deadline for the submission of project applications is 31 July 2020 at 17:00h Amsterdam Time. 

Please send project applications with supporting materials to [email protected]. Only applications filled out in the application form, sent to the email address above and received before the deadline will be considered. 


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