UMCS Scholarship in Poland (Bachelor / Master)


UMCS in Poland (Bachelor / )

About the

  • Curie Sklodoskiej its a polish university located in Lublin – Poland .
  • This University Established in the year 1944 , name of the university given as a honor for the great polish  scientist Marii Curie .
  • This university is one of the best universities in Poland , as it have world ranking , in the year of 2011 University of Marii Curie ranked as 11th among the public polish universities.
  • UMCS provide scholarship for all nationalities from different countries and directions

Available Programs : 

All the following programs is available in the university

Bachelor Programs:

  1. International Relations
  2. Tourism Management 
  3. Medical Biology 
  4. Analytics 

Master Programs:

  1. International Relations 
  2. Intercultural Communication in Education and Workplace .
  3. Graphic Arts
  4. Education and Therapy 
  • To check the available programs from the university website click here . 

Scholarship Fund / Benefits :

  • Scholarship will cover all the university fees / tuition fees . 
  • Selected candidate will get a chance to participate in integrative events with students organizations .
  • Selected candidate will get chance to gain experience with students organization . 
  • Chance to participate in training established by the university for free of cost  . 
  •  Scholarship will allow the Selected candidate will be able to work as part time in university or any other place to offer his accommodation and his needs .
  • For more information about the benefits click here . 

Scholarship Requirements: 

All the applied candidates must provide and apply the following  documents ;

  • Passport photo size . 
  • Original Passport copy .
  • Your last awarded degree , if applying for bachelor should upload your secondary school degree.
  • Candidates applying for Master programs should upload Bachelor degree . 
  • Motivation letter , its play the key point for your selection , because its reflect how ambitious / interested you are , so you have to prepare this letter very careful . 
  • Curriculum Vitae ( CV) . 
  • speaking certificate , if candidate do not have English speaking certificate can apply and in the interview scholarship committee will test your English Speaking skills .
  • Medical Certificate , from any any hospital in your country .
  • All the required documents should upload in English language only. or it will not be accepted .
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How to Apply / Application Submission :

To  successfully complete your submission , You have to fill to applications forms ; 

  • First ; Fill the university Application , Click here to start  .
  • Create account and login , start uploading all the required documents and fill your personal information and other information . 
  • Finish the application submission . 
  •  Pay Application fees 20 Euro , then get the Code IRK /SIR  . 
  • Directly go to another application form Click here to start second application .
  • Complete the second application and Submit it . 

– First application link address .- Second application link address .
– You can check also the official   UMCS scholarship website through this link click here .

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