UTS Global Ambassador Scholarship (UTS-GAS) Program | Sumbawa University Indonesia


Global Ambassador (UTS-GAS) Program | Sumbawa University Indonesia

Universitas Teknologi Sumbawa (UTS) offers scholarship for to join UTS  through Global Ambassador Scholarship program for 2020/2021 intake to Universitas Teknologi Sumbawa’s  and ’s program.

The Sumbawa University of Technology calls for offers a global perspective and rooted practices to its academia through learning, research,  and community services. The university continuously strives to bring cutting edge programs to directly impact the betterment of its
local environment as well as to global audiences. Located in the foothills of Olat Maras, the campus is surrounded by rice fields and forest characterising natural environments distinctive to the eastern side of Wallace Line.  In Universitas Teknologi Sumbawa, your mind and horizon keep wandering globally and yet your practices impact directly the local community.

About University

Universitas Teknologi Sumbawa was founded with a mission to catalyse social and economic development in Eastern region of Indonesia through providing quality higher education. Situated in the foothill of Olat Maras —which means Hill of Happiness in local Sumbawa language—, this young university hosts hundreds of faculty members and researchers as well as thousands of students from all over Indonesia. They are young eagles who are ready to soar the sky to reach their dreams and with the sharpness of the skills and knowledge they are equipped with they are prepared to target their goals. This mix creates a multi-cultural interaction in this small and peaceful village outside the town of Sumbawa Besar in the Island of Sumbawa. 

Serving the higher education needs of Indonesian, the university committed to  being a comfortable home for the students and staff to grow to their fullest potential through learning, research, innovation, and community service. Today, we are home for rigorous research and innovation aimed at improving the human and environment condition, especially the one in our home region. It is home for students from 13 study programs in the area of STEM, Humanity and Art, and Economics. Given the high concentration of development in java and Bali Island, this university is a catalyst in widening quality education in the country. We believe that creating the comfortable environment at our university will make staffs and students feel at home and eventually grow to their fullest potentials. 

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Being such young institution, the university has recorded some prominent achievement at home and overseas. In 2014, Sumbawagen, the university’s student’s synthetic biology research team won the Chairman’s Award of International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition, a worldwide synthetic biology competition held in Boston, USA.


a. Non-Indonesian citizen
b. have a high willingness to learn and have interests, talents, and study programs to be chosen
c. having academic achievements (academic reports), non-academic (sports, arts, Olympics, etc.)
d. have a good command of English
e. have completed high school (for undergraduate program) and 4-year undergraduate program (for Master’s program)

The scholarship Funding Covers:

a. Round trip airfare
b. The undergraduate annual tuition fee for a maximum of four years
c. The annual tuition fee for a maximum of two years
d. Housing (shared room)
e. Monthly stipend

Administrative Requirements:

1. Application Form
2. Motivation letter
3. A Complete CV
4. A copy bank account statement (**)
5.Personal statement, stating that the applicant will not engage in a job, not involve in any political activities and will obey the Indonesian laws and regulations
6. An English translated copy of degree certificate
7. An English translated copy of academic transcript
8. Passport size photographs in white background, the file should not be more than 200 kb
9. A scan of passport cover and biodata page (minimum validity of 18 months for 6  or 12 months visa application; and a minimum of 30 months validity for 24 months visa application)
10. Health certificate (**)
11. Certificate of English Proficiency. (*)
12. Certificate of Bahasa Indonesia Proficiency (*).

All documents must be in English.
(*) optional.
(**) may be submitted after the admission result announced.

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Admission Procedure:

  1. 1. All applicant must submit the filled application form along with required documents to email [email protected]
  2. 2. All documents will be screened by the team of International Office of Universitas Teknologi Sumbawa (UTS International) to be selected by the admission committee
  3. 3. Admission Office (PMB) will announce the selected applicants to proceed to the interview.
  4. 4. The selected applicants will be interviewed through an online platform
  5. 5. Participant will receive admission result through e-mail (kindly check your e-mail regularly)
  6. 6. The selected applicants proceed to the enrolment registration online
  7. Timeline
  8.  a. Admission period: 21 June – 27 July 2020 (Extended to 18 August 2020)
  9.  b. Selection and interview: 1 July 2020 – 25 August 2020
  10.  c. Admission result announcement : 27 August 2020

For inquiries, please contact:
[email protected]
[email protected]

Please write your e-mail with a clear subject and make sure you have learnt all informations available in our flyer and website. E-mail communication is highly prioritized than other communication like WhatsApp. 
Download the application form here

Download UTS-GAS Brochure here
Download UTS-GAS Brochure GRADUATE-SCHOOL here

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