Master and Ph.D. scholarships at ANU Australian National University 2021



Each year the Commonwealth Department of Education and Training provides funding to Universities to award scholarships to domestic and international students undertaking Higher Degree Research programs. 

From 1 January 2017, the Australian Government is replacing Australian Postgraduate Awards (APA) with a single program, the Australian Government Research Training Program (AGRTP or RTP).  As current support programs are not continuing beyond 1 January 2017, the University is required by legislation to transfer all APA recipients to the new Australian Government Research Training Program Stipend Scholarship.

Founded in 1946, the Australian National University is a leading global university focused on excellence in research and education. It is particularly famous for its programs in the arts and social sciences and is among the best in the world for many majors.

ANU offers a wide range of accommodation options for students and a range of flexible study options to suit your needs. Students here will learn from award-winning teachers and faculty who support the candidates to reach their future goals.


  • Scholarship country: Australia
  • University: Australian National University
  • Number of Awards: 600
  • Study level: Masters, PhD
  • Closing 15 April 2021

Available majors

  1. Law
  2. Science
  3. Arts and Social Sciences
  4. Business and economics
  5. Engineering and Computer Science


The Commonwealth Scholarship Guidelines (Research) 2017 set the basis for the conditions of award and outline the basic eligibility requirements for this scholarship. 

The ANU has established an RTP Policy & Procedure which outlines the standards, processes, and conditions for this scholarship.  These documents are available from the reference document section of this page.

Selection Basis

Candidates are ranked and scholarships are awarded based on a competitive ranking process, to the top-ranked candidates, subject to evidence they meet merit-based selection criteria, and subject to confirmation of a qualified supervisor, space and resources being available, in an area of research that is aligned with ANU research strategy.

Funding provided in the Scholarships

Conditions for submission

  1. All international and domestic students can apply.
  2. The candidate must be enrolled in an HDR accredited course.
  3. The candidate must not receive funding from another source.
  4. The candidate should not receive any income to support his living expenses.

How to apply

Commencing students:  No application is required specifically for this scholarship as all eligible candidates will be considered.

Continuing students:  Please complete and return the “Request for a Current ANU Student to be Considered for a HDR Scholarship” form to your Academic College.

Further information

In order to be considered for this scholarship in the main round of scholarship offers International students are required to apply for admission by either 15 April or 31 August.  Domestic students are required to apply for admission by either 15 April or 31 October.  Applications must be complete at the time of submission, including all supporting documentation and referee reports, in order to be considered in the scholarship ranking process.

Candidates are strongly encouraged to make contact with the a prospective supervisor prior to lodging an application for admission to discuss the proposed research topic and related matters.

A range of Frequently Asked Questions are available here

Deadlines for scholarship rounds

Scholarship roundClosing dateCommence by
2021 Round 2 International and DomesticClosing 15 April 2021Apply in this round if you wish to commence in 2021
2022 Round 1 InternationalClosing 31 August 2021Apply in this round if you wish to commence in 2022
2022 Round 1 DomesticClosing 31 October 2021Apply in this round if you wish to commence in 2022
2022 Round 2 International and DomesticClosing 15 April 2022Apply in this round if you wish to commence in 2022