International Volunteer Forum 2022 in Turkey | Fully Funded HISA IVF



The International Volunteer Forum aims to bring young leaders across the globe onto one platform and inculcate a deeper understanding of sustainable development goals. This takes them on a life-long journey of capacity building through simulations, panel discussions, workshops, and plenary sessions. The forum will also be joined by a large number of Government representatives, Diplomats, UN Officials, Business leaders, NGO representatives & civil society stakeholders. The main objective of creating this meaningful space is to gather young people and decision-makers all under one roof to make direct connections between civil societies & the different Governments. We are expecting more than 500 changemakers who are driven towards community enhancement through their dedicated projects and innovative ideas. Through our close contact with the Government offices, we will have official voices from more than 20 countries. Representatives from the UN & Mayor offices from more than 50 countries will join us as a part of our local community engagement program through volunteerism.

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Who can join us?

Students, volunteers, social & youth activists, health professionals, representatives from civil society, NGOs & Government. Those who had volunteered previously in any social campaign or community project which has benefited anyone. Government officials, UN youth delegates, public policy experts, professors & NGO leaders can also join us as Guest Speakers.

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Anyone can apply in the following two categories.

Fully funded opportunity

Looking to avail a fully funded opportunity, apply right now. HISA will select 25 Fully Funded Delegates who will be getting all the perks mentioned under the Fully Funded Delegate’s section. Results for the Fully Funded Delegates will be out on October 10th, 2022.

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Self-funded opportunity

Want to secure your spot for the International Volunteer Forum right now? Then consider applying as a Self-Funded Delegate. HISA will allow only 100 individuals to get themselves registered as Self-Funded Delegates to attend the International Volunteer Forum on a first-come-first-service basis.

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About Headway Institute of Strategic Alliance

Headway Institute of Strategic Alliance is a registered Organization. We host & organize policy consultations, roundtable workshops, and conferences & we act as a liaison between Governments & other stakeholders to implement agenda 2030 & achieve Sustainable Development Goals via attaining policy reforms.

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Vision & Mission

HISA intends to provide a platform for policy reforms and to highlight global pressing issues by connecting the decision makers with young people through policy exchanges & different programs. We envisage partnering up with decision-makers, stakeholders, and leading organizations to curate dialogues, breakout sessions, and consultations for policy reforms while highlighting global pressing issues to make an impact in communities. We partner with different decision-makers, stakeholders, and leading organizations to create awareness of Sustainable Development Goals, especially SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being, SDG 4: Quality Education, SDG 5: Gender Equality, SDG13: Climate Action, and SDG 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal of the United Nations. We host, moderate, and plan regional and global consultations. HISA will be partnering with different stakeholders to help raise awareness of the need to have stronger policies leading to positive reforms in society.

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What is the International Volunteer Forum?

The International Volunteer Forum (IVF) is an international gathering of young leaders, volunteers, and professionals from all over the world under a single roof to talk about building back communities in the post-COVID world. It is being organized by the Headway Institute of Strategic Alliance (HISA) and will take place in Istanbul, Turkey from November 17th-20th, 2022.

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What are the objectives of IVF?

The International Volunteer Forum aims to bring young leaders across the globe onto one platform and inculcate a deeper understanding of sustainable development goals. This takes them on a life-long journey of capacity building through simulations, panel discussions, workshops, and plenary sessions.

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How much would a Self Funded Delegate pay?

An applicant would have to pay $499 in order to secure his place at the International Volunteer Forum. Upon paying $499, a Self Funded delegate would get an invitation/visa support letter, forum merchandise, 4-star shared accommodation in Istanbul, meals during the whole forum, airport transfers, and much more.

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What If I didn’t get a Turkish Visa?

Our team at HISA will issue Visa Support letters to all the confirmed participants. But if a delegate couldn’t attend the forum in any misfortune scenario, we guarantee the money back to participants falling under the Self Funded Delegates category.

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What is the selection process?

Selection for the Fully Funded Delegate purely depends on the quality of application a participant would submit. In the scholarship section, we have asked several questions and provided the opportunity to submit as much information as you can. The more information you provide us, the better your chances for the selection. Whereas, Self Funded Delegates will automatically get confirmation to attend event once there payment is processed.

What are the requirements to join IVF?

Individuals over 15 years of age with any educational and national background are eligible to apply. However, individuals with a volunteer background are encouraged to apply.

Deadline: 25 SEPTEMBER, 2022

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