Summer Internship at the University of Tokyo in Japan 2022 (Fully Funded)


Program Description

The objective of the program is to provide undergraduate students from different countries (including some from Japan) who are committed to or who are considering a career in biology or related sciences and looking to continue to graduate studies, with eight weeks of biomedical research experience in the basic and translational sciences. Research experiences are being provided by faculty members of the Graduate School of MedicineGraduate School of EngineeringGraduate School of ScienceGraduate School of Pharmaceutical SciencesGraduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, and the Institute of Industrial Science. By the end of their summer experience, students are expected to acquire knowledge and skills for conducting research. The students are also expected to extend their international friendship through the collaborative experiences. These experiences will help the students to develop future collaborations in many situations.

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In addition to working full time in the laboratory for 8 weeks, the program features:

  • Visits to Graduate Schools and Institutes related to biomedical research
  • Special seminars and sessions where students can meet and have discussions
  • Information sessions on how to apply to Graduate Schools at UTokyo
  • Access to UTokyo campus facilities such as the Library, Health Care Center and Gymnasium
  • Japanese cultural events
  • Excursions

Why you might choose to apply for a summer internship at the University of Tokyo

Currently, the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences of the University of Tokyo, Japan, is opening the doors for its funded 2022 summer internship program for students from all over the world. The UTokyo Summer Internship 2022 internship is one of the best opportunities to undertake an internship in the field of diverse studies. International applicants who are currently studying in the field/field of Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Studies, Information Technology/IT, Advanced Energy, Oceanography, International Materials Science, Physics as well as Sustainability Science have maximum chances of winning this funded internship in Japan.

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UTokyo Amgen Scholars Program applicants must be undergraduate students who are:

  • Enrolled in colleges or universities worldwide that award a bachelor’s degree (or its equivalent); and
  • At the minimum, have completed their first year of undergraduate study at the time the summer program begins, and
  • Are not graduating before the summer program begins, and after the summer program ends will resume undergraduate studies for at least 1 semester or 1 quarter

UTokyo Amgen Scholars Program applicants must also:

  • Have a strong record of academic performance; and
  • Have good working knowledge of English, demonstrated by a minimum TOEFL (iBT) score of 72, IELTS overall band score of 5.5, Cambridge English FCE, TOEIC score of 1095, TOEIC L&R score of 785, or TOEIC S&W score of 310, if not a native English speaker or English is not your first language, and
  • Have an interest in pursuing a Ph.D.

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  • To devote full effort in participation in the Amgen Scholars Program. Scholars cannot take any courses or hold a job throughout the duration of the program. In addition, all participants must be able to attend the program for its entire duration.
  • To live in the accommodation provided by UTokyo.
  • To participate fully in the day-to-day life of the research group, respect the work of all members of the laboratory, and attend and participate in laboratory meetings or other gatherings.
  • To attend the orientation on the first day of the program, all required conferences, activities and social events.
  • To give a poster/presentation describing his/her summer research project.
  • To submit a research paper to the UTokyo Amgen Scholars Program Director at the conclusion of the program.


Program and SymposiumDate
UTokyo Amgen Scholars Program7 June, 2022 – 1 August, 2022
Move to Singapore2-3 August, 2022*
Amgen Scholars Asian Symposium in Singapore 4-6 August, 2022*

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Financial Support

  • ROOM:  Near-campus accommodation
  • STIPEND: 250,000 JPY 
     *The stipend should be used freely to budget for food and any personal trips during your stay in Japan. 

       Economy-class airline tickets for flights, or round-trip train tickets for domestic students, will be provided to participate in the program and the Amgen Scholars Asia Symposium to be held in Singapore. The most economical and direct route and travel schedule will be stipulated based on the discussion between participants and the program office. If the schedule is changed for personal reasons of the participant, they will be required to repay the University of Tokyo the cost of the original booked flights.

    *All students must arrange their own private health & travel insurance. Please be aware that neither the Amgen Foundation nor the University of Tokyo can provide health/travel insurance.

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Available fields of summer internship at the University of Tokyo

There are many professors and departments that offer training courses for international students in different fields. Please check the departments below.

  • Higher Medical College
  • Graduate School of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Institute of Industrial Sciences
  • Graduate School of Science
  • Graduate School of Engineering
  • Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences


To apply, please follow all application directions closely and get an early start on obtaining the supporting documents. Please review the selection criteria before submitting your application. All applications must be submitted online.


  1. Prepare Supporting Documents
  2. Ask two recommenders for the Letter of Reference for you
  3. Complete the Online Application

1. Prepare Supporting Documents

1) Portrait photo
    Please upload your portrait photo saved as a jpeg file. Note that your full face should be visible in the photo, and it should be taken from the front with your eyes open.  Please note that the photo should be taken using a proper camera (not a selfie) as it will be used for your student ID card once you are accepted as an Amgen Scholar.  (Same rules as photos for a passport, 45 x 35mm)

2) Scanned copy of Passport or ID card
    Please scan the page with the photo and name of your passport or ID card such as student ID or national ID and save as a jpeg file.

3) Resume/CV and Cover letter
    Download and complete the designated form below. Please save your documents as a Word file (.docx).


4) Academic Transcript
    Please obtain an official academic transcript (in English) and scan and save both the front and back pages as a PDF file.

5) Questionnaire
    Download and complete the designated form below. Please save your documents as an Excel file (.xlsx).


6) Proof of your English proficiency
    – Non-native speakers whose institutions are located in an area where English is not the first language and the medium of education is not English must submit a valid proficiency test score
      listed on “2) Eligibility at “About the Program”.

    – Non-native speakers whose institutions are located in an area where English is not the first language but the medium of education is English are required to submit a valid proficiency test
      score listed on “2) Eligibility at “About the Program”, or a letter specifying that you are taking your education in English issued by your university.

    – However, non-native English speakers who have been receiving undergraduate education from an institution located in an area where English is the first language and whose language of
      instruction is English are not required to submit test scores or letters. 

       * Please note the TOEFL ITP is not accepted as a proficiency test score.

          Please scan and save the English proficiency test score or the letter as a PDF file.

7) Consent Form
    Download the form from the link below and read it through carefully. If you accept the terms, please sign the form and submit the signed form as a pdf file.

       * Please be aware that applicants cannot apply for the program without this signed document.

           CONSENT_FORM_UTokyoASP2022 >>> Click HERE to download.

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2. Ask two recommenders for Letters of Recommendation for you

 You are required to nominate two people to provide letters of recommendation, one of whom must be a faculty member at your current institution who is familiar with your educational background, academic performance, and motivation for attending the 2022 Program.

    Please download the “Instructions for Recommenders” below and give it to your recommenders to notify that you nominate them as your recommenders and ask for the letter of recommendation before you enter their details in T-cens SP. (This will ensure that the e-mail is not overlooked.) Please also ensure that you submit your application allowing sufficient time for your recommenders to be able to upload their letters of recommendation onto T-cens SP on or before Tuesday, February 1, 2022 at 3:00 pm JST (Japan Standard Time [UTC + 9:00hrs.]).

      Instructions for Recommenders_UTokyoASP2022.pdf

    There is no specific format for the letter of reference, but it should be on a departmental/university letterhead, including the recommender’s signature. It should then be scanned and submitted as a PDF file.

  * Please note that the letter of recommendation must state your Applicant Number, which appears under your photo when you create your T-cens SP account. Therefore, please note that you must provide your Application Number to your recommenders with the “Instruction for Recommenders”.
  * Please be aware that your application will not be considered unless all the required documents, including the letters of recommendation, are received by the application deadline.
  * Please note that applicants cannot submit the letters of recommendation by themselves.

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3. Complete the Online Application

Online Application >>> Click ➡ T-cens SP

Note: Tablets and mobile phones using Android or iOS systems are NOT to be used with T-cens SP.

       ✔ Be sure that the file size of each document does not exceed 2MB.

       ✔ Recommended environment for use of T-cens SP  (as of 30 October, 2019)

              ・Windows 10
                  Firefox (latest version)
                  Google Chrome (latest version)
                  Internet Explorer 11
              ・macOS Mojave v10.14
                  Safari (latest version)
                  Adobe Reader

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       ✔ Cautionary notes to work smoothly with T-cens SP

                    1.  Using the compatibility view function of Internet Explorer (IE) when accessing T-cens SP may result in unintended
                         changes in site design or information being displayed incorrectly. To ensure that all the data is properly displayed,
                         please use one of the browsers indicated above.
                    2.  If you have multiple tabs opened on your browser when using T-cens SP, it is possible that problems such as making
                         changes to information in one tab may cause changes or delete information in another tab. Please refrain from using
                         multiple tabs when using T-cens SP.
                    3.  Please use only the upper and lower case English alphabet, numbers, “at” mark, a hyphen, a dot, a comma and an
                         underscore. Specia l characters including umlaut, acute accents and so on (~, *, &, ^, #, $, %, /, \, :, ;, etc.) should
                         not be entered. These characters may be replaced with unreadable text.
                    4.  Please enable JavaScript (in your browser) to view this page as intended.

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1) Click on “Create a New Account” first to make your own account and get your application number. *If you already have one, please skip this step.

    Instructions on creating a new account >>> Click HERE

2) Fill out all the required field and upload files.
    1. Personal Information

  • “Form 1” and “Form 2”:  Please fill in accordingly.  Fields with asterisks (*) must be completed.
  • “Form 3”:  You are required to complete the form.  Click HERE for more information.
  • “Form 4”:  Please fill in accordingly.
  • “FileUpload”:  Upload your supporting materials:

           – Portrait photo (jpeg file)
           – Passport (jpeg file)

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    2. Program Selection

  • “Form 1”:  How to complete the form >>> Click HERE
  • “Form 2”:  Please skip “Form 2”
  • “Form 3”:  Please read 2. Ask two recommenders for the letter of recommendation for you and the Procedure and Notes on the form carefully and then fill in the form.
  • “FileUpload”:  Upload your supporting materials:

           – Resume_CV_Coverletter_UTokyoASP2022 (Word file)
           – Questionnaire_UTokyoASP2022 (Excel file)
           – Academic_Transcript (PDF file)
           – Proof_of_English_Proficiency (PDF file, See 6) Proof of your English proficiency in <1. Prepare Supporting Documents>)
           – CONSENT_FORM_UTokyoASP2022 (PDF file)

3) Submit your application.

Once your application is submitted online, you cannot make any changes.  

Application Deadline: February 1, 2022 at 3:00 pm JST* (*Japan Standard Time=UTC+9)


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