DAL Apprenticeship Program



The program will offer you the opportunity to become a specialist in your area of expertise.

The DAL Apprenticeship Program aims to offer a route to support fresh graduates acquire the right technical skills needed, learn best practices first-hand from the country’s leading employer, and quickly adapt to a dynamic business environment.

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Planning to sharpen your skills?!  Join us, you will receive :

  • Securing an employment with the employer of choice.
  • Flexibility in learning & development options.
  • Opportunity at your doorstep.

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Program Structure

The DAL Apprenticeship Program is a Three-year program spilled into:

Two years of training where apprentices rotate across different divisions and business units, followed by one year of placement in a specific role within one business unit or department based on the graduate’s preference while considering the business needs.

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Eligibility Criteria

  • Bachelor or Diploma Degree in Finance or ICT discipline or related fields.
  • Age limit is 25 years old or less.
  • The desire to pursue a career in Finance or ICT.
  • Alignment to DAL Group Core Values & Foundational Competencies.
  • Eagerness to learn and develop.

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The program has two streams, and they are :


Acquire an exceptional experience in one of the largest conglomerates in Sudan. The finance stream will offer extensive practice in financial management, Credit control, treasury accountant, sales accounting, costing , Auditing and more.

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ICT (Information and Communication Technology)


A well-formed practice of unified communication and networks shared communication in enterprise computing.


Effectively manage a variety of enterprise resources planning (ERP) systems and develop multivariate skills of business intelligence.


Become the point of convergence in business units, lead service management practices and advance in IT projects.

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Assessment Process

  1. Basic English Language Test
  2. Written/Technical Test
  3. Panel Interviews 

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What is the difference between the Graduates Development Program and the Apprenticeship Program?

The GDP is designed for providing the young Graduates with a combination of the soft skills and familiarization with the business operations across dal group, while the Apprenticeship Program is designed to develop young Apprentices’ technical capacity to become experts in a designated field. But both programs provide a divisive exposure.

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Which program suits me better?

The GDP is for those who want to explore the business in general, trying different business functions, learning various skills, to identify the areas where they excel and could provide the career option they want to pursue.

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The Apprenticeship program is for those who have a well-defined direction and want to dig deep to the core of a job with in a stream to understand all the functional work and develop the technical skills that are needed to become an expert within that area.

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What happens when I join DAL GROUP apprenticeship program?

A comprehensive onboarding program is provided for all Apprentices when they start their apprenticeship Program journey with DAL Group. Additionally Apprentices will undergo their first learning wave.

What are the working days and timing?

Working hours are (40) hours a week with daily half hour break spread over the week days as per the applicable schedule of work at the specific work location.


Business working days are from Sunday to Thursday from 07:30 – 16:30. Friday and Saturday’s are off days, unless you are requested otherwise/or the nature of the department you work in requires it.

What resources are available for me to do my job?

Every Apprentice who is employed with the company and is part of the program is entitled to a laptop to carry out work related tasks and duties.

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How is the job rotation determined?

Job rotations are determined based on the organizational needs as well as the main duties and tasks that the Apprentices will be carrying out during their rotations. Rotation placements are done without any bias or person preference.

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Will I have a Coach?

Yes, you will have a Coach during each job rotation, this coach will be the person you report to.

Where will my work location be?

Work location shall be any of DAL Group Business units that support that stream ranking under the management umbrella, in any of its work location specified by DAL Group.

What will happen after the duration of the program?

After completing the tenure of the program, Apprentices shall be released from the program and absorbed into the division’s department that supports the particular stream within the program.

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